The Anjeed Kafanchan Solar Project Scale-Up

Kafanchan, Kaduna State, Nigeria – The Federal Ministry of Environment recently visited the Anjeed Kafanchan Solar (AKS) Pilot Project site following announcement of a Project scale-up.

Following a visit to the Local Government Chairman, a group including Federal Ministry of Environment representation visited the AKS Project site. As the Project has yet to break ground, there was no impact assessment to be done.

Although the lack of groundbreaking could seem discouraging, there is reason to be excited by the delay. The first phase of the Anjeed Kafanchan Project was to be a 10MW facility that would serve the local area. The first phase has been scaled up to 50MW, to be quickly followed by the 100MW phase.

Anjeed Innova Group CEO Mr. Gideon Nyan stated that the modification is due to changes in Government policy in line with privitisation of Nigeria’s power sector. AKS and its world-leading technology partners are well-equipped to take on the larger first phase. However, the need to redesign the Project also means the revised plans will have to go through much of the previous approval process. A new Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is required.
In the interest of the community, the EIA approval process will be moved ahead as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The potential benefits of this Project and Anjeed involvement in the area are immeasurable. The people in the communities surrounding the Project, who would have first benefited from the Project being brought online, have been strongly supportive from the beginning. The new design of the facility will provide reliable power for thousands more Nigerians much sooner.

Despite the delay, the numerous visitors were enthusiastic and anxious to proceed. A 3D video of the planned facility allowed everyone to see what it will look like and envision how it will benefit the area environmentally and economically.In line with Anjeed Innova Group’s commitment to its ZERO HARM policy, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is important to AKS. It was agreed that a new CSR agreement will be drafted and enacted to address the changes in the construction plans.

Anjeed Innova evaluates ZERO HARM from four perspectives:
People – Developing our greatest resource
Communities – Assuring access to necessary resources
The Environment – Protecting our natural resources
Future Generations – Leaving a legacy of improved resources.

On its current trajectory, construction of the AKS solar power generating facility will commence within the next 12 to 18 months.