SMA Expands Support of Kunak Foundation’s Yakowa Market Project

SMA Expands Support of Kunak Foundation’s Yakowa Market Project
Abuja, Nigeria – 2 December 2015 – SMA Sunbelt Energy GmbH has announced its intent to further contribute to the success of the Kunak Foundation’s Yakowa Market Pilot Project by providing necessary support for equipment previously promised to the Project.

The USADF Power Africa Off-Grid Energy Challenge grant-winning Kunak Foundation project is built around the scalability of SMA Sunny Island technology. The Yakowa Market will be the site of a new self-sufficient, sanitary building for meat and fish vendors to safely store and sell their meat and fish. The building will be powered by photovoltaic (PV) solar panels managed by an SMA Sunny Island system.

The SMA Sunny Island management system allows sizing to meet the needs of any vendor. The modular design of the pilot building, and planned buildings for other types of vendors, allow for market expansion and connection to an island system without any major redesign or electrical work. As buildings for other vendors are constructed, the electrical system of each building can be connected, creating an independent grid for any number of buildings.
SMA technology is key to the successful implementation of the Kunak Foundation’s Yakowa Market Pilot Project. The Kunak Foundation appreciates SMA’s contribution to this groundbreaking project.

SMA Technology AG subsidiary SMA Sunbelt Energy GmbH designs, develops and delivers state-of-the-art off-grid power plant components that meet customer’s unique local requirements world-wide.

Anjeed Innova Group President and Kunak Foundation Project Advisor Thomas Sherman understands the fundamental value of strong technology partners and points to SMA’s commitment to this project as a testament to Anjeed Innova Group’s ability to deliver on its promise to bring light to Southern Kaduna and Nigeria.

On behalf of the Kunak Foundation and Anjeed Innova Group, Mr. Sherman would like to thank SMA for their understanding of the importance and potential of the Yakowa Market project vision.

Taking advantage of a resource the area is rich in, the pilot project will revolutionize the way meat and fish vendors work in the Yakowa Market, and is the first step to bring reliable power to the entire market.
The project’s sizable, modular, island system design has the potential to transform markets throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, a region ideal for clean, renewable solar power production.

The modular solar power island system of the Yakowa Market Pilot Project is one innovative way Anjeed Innova Group and the Kunak Foundation plan to use PV technology to benefit people, communities and future generations, while preserving the environment.

Anjeed Innova Group: Empower people, develop communities, preserve the environment, enrich the lives of future generations = ZERO HARM.