Anjeed Kafanchan Solar is an indigenous independent power company, poised to become Nigeria’s first commercial grid-connected solar power generating company. The Anjeed Kafanchan 10MW Solar Project is the first step in realizing the company’s vision to add 100MW of renewable energy to the Nigerian power grid. The company is dedicated to providing a clean, renewable and reliable energy alternative during the growth of the electrical generation sector in Nigeria.

The Anjeed Kafanchan 100MW Solar Project consists of bringing the pilot 10MW facility on-grid and subsequently increasing power to the final phase of 100MW within five years. The 10MW grid-connected facility will be capable of meeting the power demand of its local government area, giving access to clean, renewable and reliable power to more than 250,000 Nigerians.

Increased demand by a growing population, paired with structural reforms, make this the perfect time for the Anjeed Kafanchan Solar Project. Nigeria’s power sector holds great potential for companies that can plan strategically to fulfill long-term vision, and follow through with the hard work. This is a unique moment in African history to be in business. African economies have grown at a high and sustained rate, tripling since 2000, and are predicted to remain among the fastest growing in the world for the foreseeable future.

Anjeed Kafanchan has the vision and commitment to hard work, as demonstrated by the progress achieved through the dedication of our leadership team under the stewardship of Group CEO Gideon Nyan and Project Chairman Col BT Kachim (rtd.). The 10MW Solar Project is a strategic step to make solar power more than just a viable option for filling power need gaps in the immediate project area. It lays the foundation to provide power to thousands more Nigerians through the 100MW expansion. Our success will prove the viability of solar power as a primary energy source and lay the groundwork to revolutionize energy production throughout West Africa.

Kafanchan’s climate is ideally suited for solar power production. Anjeed Kafanchan Solar will use the latest efficient and economical photovoltaic technology to produce needed power with minimal negative impact on the environment and high positive impact on our local community, the larger community of Nigeria, and beyond.
We all benefit by increased access to reliable renewable power and reduction of reliance on non-renewable energy sources. In all our energy projects we live up to our ZERO HARM mandate ( We strive to ensure environmental sustainability, which is also a United Nations Millennium Development Goal (MDG). Access to reliable power benefits schools and medical clinics, helping achieve universal primary education (MDG 2) and improving available medical care to reduce child mortality (MDG 4), improve maternal health (MDG 5) and combat diseases (MDG 6). We promote gender equality and empower women (MDG 3) with our hiring practices, particularly in operations and management.

Without energy there can be no infrastructure. Without infrastructure there can be no social development. The Anjeed Kafanchan 10MW Solar Project is a crucial first step in Anjeed Innova’s contribution to innovating power production to benefit all Africans.

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