Kafanchan, Kaduna State, Nigeria – 27th November 2015

Officials from the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) and Anjeed Kafanchan Solar (AKS) technology partner Siemens visited the AKS Project site to assess the high-voltage connection in line with the recent Project redesign.

Industry giant Siemens came onboard the AKS Project this year. Their modular substation and circuit-breaker switchgear are ideal for the innovative Anjeed Kafanchan Solar Project, and their experience and expertise are invaluable.

The Siemens team was impressed by the Project site’s proximity to the Jos-Kafanchan Substation. This ideal location will eliminate the cost of transmission lines. The Project will connect directly to the 132kV lines at the substation, giving the greatest flexibility to the system operator to use the power generated by the Project.
Inspection of the site and the local electrical grid revealed some problems with the network and its equipment, but connection is both possible and approved. The connection agreement will allow for the construction of 2 50MVA transformers bringing the total evacuation capacity to 100MVA.

Improvements to the Nigerian power grid that began following privatization of the Power sector continue.
AKS will help fill the gap in power production.

With completion of AKS Project, Jema’a LGA will meet its 7.5MW peak demand. The Kafanchan area requires 5MW, while the rest of the LGA needs 2.5MW. The 132KVA lines will allow excess power generated to be sent to Jos and beyond.
The team was also pleased that the Project’s Environmental Impact Assessment has already been conducted, with strong community support.

Community members are eager for construction to begin. In line with Anjeed’s commitment to ZERO HARM, Anjeed Projects not only hire and train local unskilled laborers during the building phase, community members are trained to operate and manage Anjeed facilities. Anjeed’s non-profit Kunak Foundation has already completed health care facility renovations in the Project area, and has procured and is seeking funds to complete more development projects
.Col. BT Kachim (Ret.), Chairman of Anjeed Kafanchan Solar Limited, hosted a lunch for the visitors following their inspection.

Col. Kachim is pleased by the progress being made on the Project. Although a necessary scale up of the Project has delayed construction, more people will be impacted sooner. The revised 100MW Project will provide clean, reliable power to thousands of Nigerians far beyond Kafanchan.