Anjeed Innova

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Anjeed Innova constantly seeks ways to improve the legacy of our projects. This tireless pursuit of excellence means regular review of internal and external processes. This is crucial for the success of any project, from implementation to completion. We are not afraid to rewrite our policies. If something is not working, we ask the necessary questions and look at the heart of the problem.

Traditional measures of success do not always work in local communities. How do you judge improvements in education for a community that never had a school? Positive transformation is seen over several decades, from one generation to the next.

Africa is dynamic, constantly evolving. So are we. We are not part of the old generation of profit-driven companies. Our profit measures are important because they fuel our growth and our foundation’s vital training programs, but are not our reason for existence. Our operations team appreciates the enormous environmental and social responsibilities we carry as a renewable energy company. Much of our time and resources are devoted to supporting the Kunak Foundation, which serves as the vanguard of our vision for West Africa’s economic future.

We can break the cycle of aid by empowering locals with our training programs, projects, and ZERO HARM approach. We take our corporate responsibility seriously and are not a traditional Energy and Infrastructure Company. As forerunner for the next generation of international organizations, we believe social development is the key to sustainable business practices. It is the future. We aim to build human capital through viable long-term projects. Africa’s middle class has grown impressively over the past few years. It can grow more, particularly in West Africa. The way companies approach these areas will determine the social and economic future of local communities.

We have set the precedent for companies to rethink their corporate responsibility, encouraging them to design new policies to more effectively integrate social and commercial agenda. To this end we seek to motivate companies to join our ZERO HARM Initiative for West Africa and greater Africa.