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About Us – Anjeed Innova

Anjeed Innova

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Who we are

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As social entrepreneurs, we at Anjeed Innova want to empower communities we serve through social and human capital development. Our primary goal is to transform present conditions into vibrant socio-economic, environmental, and social structures.

We create sustaining values by operating at the grassroots level and training unskilled laborers to work within our energy projects. We aspire to build community infrastructures, while also helping communities take an active part in designing their future – with dignity, pride and ownership.

The Anjeed Innova Difference


No other organization can lay claim to our position. We share the field with profit-oriented companies and NGOs. Few of these organizations have successfully combined social agenda with commercial agenda. Too much aid without social preparation is not sustainable. Projects geared for profit, with too little to no help for the locality, do not empower communities. 

Too much help or too little help – the lopsidedness of other approaches is the problem.

A compromise is needed. It can be found in the way companies approach local populations. We aim to put innovation back in the hands of West Africans by giving them necessary tools and training to successfully build on the legacy of each project. Africa has vast social and natural resources – Africa represents the future. Local communities, however, do not always comprehend the economic advantage of these resources. This is why social development is so important. It helps local populations; it also benefits investors.

We believe social development attracts the kind of investment Africa needs to become a greater global economic power. This belief is embodied in the Kunak Foundation. We are the vanguard of a new generation of international organizations bringing social development to the forefront of business practices. Our business model is based on mutual partnerships in which companies and local communities forge projects that yield high social and commercial return. This return helps sustain economic development at the micro level and GDP at the macroeconomic level. We take corporate responsibility seriously, and are totally invested in sustainability. Our Environmental Policy Statement and Sustainability Vision clearly outline our approach.

The fundamental principles of Anjeed Innova: Talent, Integrity, and Simplicity. These core principles are evidenced on the pages of our website and in our operations. Whatever we do, we do honestly and transparently.

Anjeed Innova is based in Abuja, in the heart of Nigeria. Our team of three senior partners who specialize in energy and infrastructure, provides industry knowledge and expertise for local success and to support complex international projects that meet local needs.