Business Units

Anjeed Innova Group is made up of Energy, Infrastructure, and Social Development business units, working together to form a dynamic and modern company built on Talent, Integrity, and Simplicity.

Anjeed Innova Group

Energy, Infrastructure, Social Development
Anjeed Innova Group is the holding company for the activities of its diverse business units. As such, it is responsible for the overall leadership of its entire group of companies. It is, in essence, the heart of Anjeed Innova.

Anjeed Kafanchan Solar

Let there be light!

Anjeed Kafanchan Solar Limited is a Special Purpose Entity designed to take care of the day-to-day activities of the Anjeed Kafanchan Solar Project.

The Anjeed Kafanchan Solar Project is Nigeria’s frst indigenous company to complete and be granted an ESIA for a Grid-Connected Solar Project in Nigeria.

To date, the Anjeed Kafanchan Solar Project is the largest employer in the Anjeed Innova Group of Companies.

Anjeed Commercial Services

Our word is our bond

Anjeed Commercial Services is a Special Purpose Entity established to meet the current gap in indigenous EPC companies for the Renewable Energy and related sectors.The Company is capable of executing a range of projects within the renewable energy sectors and can support any company in the areas of engineering, construction, and operations.

Anjeed Engineering and Construction

Anjeed Engineering and Construction is the workhorse behind the dreams of Anjeed Innova Group and supports all engineering and construction projects within the group.